1:24 NuNu Peugeot 306 MAXI 1996 Monte Carlo rally

This is a new TOOL for the range 1/24 scale unpainted assembly plastic model kit that reproduces the Peugeot 306 Maxi front wheel drive atmosferic 2 liter cars from factory team Peugeot Sport and includes all race legacy from Peugeot rally cars. Raced in the 1997 at the Montecarlo rally. Car options: #1 and#5 drove by François Delecour 1st place in the WRC 2 liter class. and #5 François Chatriot . -Paint and Glue are not included. -Finely reproduce the Speedline wheels and details such as rear wing. -The interior such as roll bar, dashboard are reproduced in detail. -Recreate the undersurface of chassis, front/rear suspension, and floor panel realistically. -The finish is 180mmin length, 70mm in width.